Since our incorporation in 2002, we have carried out development for many companies around the globe. Our expertise reaches into many sectors and we continue to widen our product portfolio and skill set. Below is just a small sample of our more recent project portfolio.

One of the world’s leading EPoS systems for the dry cleaning and laundry sector. Thousands of DryStream EPoS systems have been supplied in the UK and worldwide helping business manage the process of dry cleaning & laundry including stock control, production, marketing and accounts. Today’s products include extensive development of fully optimised counter-top user interfaces, web applications, wide area networking, EFTPoS and inter-product 3rd party systems connectivity.

Leading high street menswear retailer, formal wear hire supplier and fully quoted PLC, Moss Bros, has around 130 branches nationwide. It’s formal wear hire division is powered by J2B2 software. In-store bookings, issues and returns, head office management and merchandising, distribution central picking, packing, stock control, logistics and management, all carried out with fully integrated J2B2 software solutions. And now with it’s on-line hire presence, Moss Bros uses J2B2 software to manage and process its web originated hire orders.

With several branches in North London, Balthorne operates an exclusive independent group of safe deposit centres with over 60 years of experience in the security and commercial world. J2B2 software helps the company organise its customers, management operations and accounts.


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